Spaghetti di Carote

This is a simple recipe to give you the illusion that you're eating pasta ;) even though it's not at all the same, it's still really delicious and perfect for last-minute weeknight meals.

What You'll Need:

(Serves 4)

-5 large carrots

-5 large zucchine

-Lulu's Beet Sauce (or any sauce you'd like!)

-fresh herbs

-pinch of salt


-garnish with fresh goat cheese


This works best if you have a zoodler, or mandolin slicer with ridged attachment.

Boil salted water like pasta. Slice the zucchine and carrots into desired "pasta" length. Boil for 4-5 minutes. Heat the beet sauce in a pan on low heat. Once the veggies are cooked, add them to the pan with the sauce, and toss with fresh herbs. Buon appetito!

Alyssa D'AdamoComment