Tender Pan-Roasted Fava Beans & Carrots

Let me know when you’re sick of fava beans because I don’t think I ever will be 😭 a really easy, and quick side to jazz up your meal…also GREAT for meal-prep.

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Lulu-Style Erbazzone

If you don’t personally know me, I’m delighted to share my erbazzone obsession with you. “Lulu-Style” not only means endo-friendly, but just healthier in general. I started making this at home because I eat a slice of it every day (1,50€), and it starts to add up after a while. To make this entire pie cost me around 2,40€.

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Carote alla Julienne

Davide recently surprised me with a julienne carrot salad with lemon juice and parsley like his dad used to make. It was heavenly, and it delighted me how one simple ingredient can connect our cultures; French and Sicilian-American.

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Winter Orange & Fennel Salad

Not going to lie, this was always a summer favorite. It’s a perfect example of how easily confused we are by seasonality because in most parts of America, everything is available all the time. Living in Italy has taught me so much about eating seasonally, and I’m so happy to be able to share that with you. I’ll never look at oranges in the summer the same! This salad is either way, my absolute favorite and takes less than 5 minutes to make.

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Ginger & Turmeric Roasted Carrots

FLU SEASON IS UPON US >.< Don’t let your body fall victim to seasonal sickness. Fill it with nutritious foods that will help you get through this infectious time of year. These ginger turmeric roasted carrots are perfect for preventing the sniffles, and taste DELICIOUS.

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Garbage Broth

Maybe ‘garbage broth’ doesn’t sound entirely appetising, but I promise it’s delicious!! Inspired by my mom’s ‘garbage soup’: the soup made from whatever was leftover in the fridge. It’s still one of my favourites!

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Paprika Roasted Butternut Squash Seeds

I started roasting the seeds from any type of squash I make because I hate wasting food. I remembered when I was younger and my mom would roast the seeds from the pumpkins we would carve around Halloween, and I thought to myself, “…why not all squash seed varieties??!” These Moroccan-inspired spice additions have become my absolute favorite! I’m already craving them again just looking at the photo…

Click the image for the full recipe!

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Celery Root Salad

This salad is a non-traditional introduction to fall. It’s got the bright and delicate notes of summer, but the spicy and hardy bite of celery root let’s us know…oh, heck yes it’s fall!

Click the imagine for the full recipe!

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